Use compare~Groups to explore and summarise your epidemiological data in R

compare~Groups is an R package designed to read, interpret, summarise, display and analyse epidemiological data. 

compare~Groups allows you to create everything from data summaries for quality control to extensive reports for exploring your data with colleagues, and even publication-ready tables and figures (see this example).

About Us

 is developed and maintained by Isaac Subirana, Hector Sanz, Joan Vila and collaborators at the cardiovascular epidemiology research unit (URLEC), located at Barcelona Biomedical Research Park.

As the driving force behind the REGICOR study, URLEC has extensive experience in statistical epidemiology, and is a national reference centre for research into cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors.

The mantainer of compareGroups (Isaac Subirana) is member of CIBERESP (CIBER Epidemiology and public health)

Get compare~Groups

Download the latest version of compare~Groups from CRAN.

Or get it from
Github repository by typing:



Manual Consult the details of each of the functions contained in the package.

Vignette Need a little help getting started? This vignette contains several fully worked practical examples, including new functionality from the latest version.


New Web User Interface
+ A new WUI
    hosted in the shiny server and containing the      newest compareGroups package facilities            such as stratification, confidence intervals of        means, medians and proportions,...

Version 4.0 now available

+ 'tibble' data sets.
    compareGroups can handle 'tibble' data sets
    possibly imported by 'haven', 'readxl', 'readr',
    etc. or to be used by 'tydiverse' and 'dplyr'

+ new function 'descrTable'
    to build descriptive tables in one step.

+ new function 'strataTable'
    to make tables by stratas.

+ Date variables
    are correctly reported.

+ New argument 'var.equal'
    to choose whether variance homogeneity
    when comparing means in more than two

+ package vignette updated.

Version 2 now available!

'radiograph' your database

    Quickly get an extensive report of your
    data's quality to facilitate error checking

+ more detailed reporting
    Get a more extensive report on each of your
    variables, including extended metrics and figures

+ object retrieval
     Easily retrieve summary data as R-objects

+ genetic data
    Finally, compare~Groups now interprets,
    summarises, and analyses genetic data!

WUI now live!
web user interface
    Not an R-user? Want to impress your
    colleagues by analysing their data from your        smartphone or tablet? Our new web-based
    interface gives you the power
    of compare~Groups without the
    technical hurdles! 

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